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What is Traveller?

Travelleris a role-playing game of science-fiction adventure. Players assume the roles of citizens of the far future, with all their options wide open. Limited only by the amount of effort they wish to put into the game, players may explore new worlds, puzzle out the enigmas of ancient civilizations, conduct complicated confidence scams, smuggle, build empires, lead revolts, conduct interstellar wars... the list is as endless as the imaginations of the players.

Whatis CORE?

CORE is a gaming collective set up to produce quality supplements and software to complementMarc Miller's classic SF role-playing game Traveller.

The role-playing hobby possesses a large number of creative individuals. By its very nature each referee is an author, if only of each adventure session they run. It is no surprise, then, that many wish to bring work they have invested time on to others for their benefit.

Traveller is unique in the role-playing field in that a major emphasis of the rules is not on producing fixed settings or scenarios, but rather mechanisms and rules for creating the great variety of things you would find in a SF setting.

    "Other people give you catalogues of future equipment. We've given you the factory."

The combination of the great variety of possibilities in Traveller coupled with the creativity of role-players in general leads to a rich environment for additional hobby-authored material.

CORE's role is to help organize and make commonly available some of the fruits of this activity.

Contact Information

If you wish any information not contained on these pages please contact us as listed below. The preferred method of correspondence is e-mail. Please only write or telephone if you are not otherwise able to send e-mail.

Electronic mail

Jo Grant:core@solstation.com

12 Harvard Terrace, Allston, MA 02134, USA