Leviathan class Merchant Cruiser (Civilian Starship)

Designed jointly by Bilstein Yards of Glisten and the Baraccai Technum, the Leviathan was developed from previous designs and is primarily intended for cruising in undeveloped trade areas; high survivability is also a design factor. The vessel is semi-streamlined, allowing gas giant refueling, as well as landing on atmosphere 0 or 1 worlds. Other atmospheric operations are not possible, hence the large complement of ship's boats. Bilstein made the design available for general sale in 1087, and nineteen vessels had been ordered by 1106.

[Adapted from Traveller Adventure 4:Leviathan. To adapt to MegaTraveller it was necessary to reduce the cargo capacity and the total number of staterooms--fuel took up more space than it used to.Back-up jump and maneuver systems were retained from the original design, despite being a questionable design feature in my opinion. Since the Leviathans were built at Glisten, I also opted to make them TL15 rather than 13 as stated in the adventure. Crew requirements under the new system were lower, so reducing staterooms was not a problem. Additional cargo space could be obtained by running with the shuttle and pinnace holds full.]

CraftID: Leviathan class Merchant Cruiser, TL15, MCr1123.04
Hull: 1620/4050, Disp=1800t, Config=4SL, Armor=46G, Loaded=24272t, Unloaded=21982t
Power: 74/148, Fusion=19800MW, Duration=30 days
Loco: 179/358, Maneuver=4, 81/162, Maneuver=2, 65/130, Jump=3, 49/98, Jump=2, Cruise=750kph, Max=1000kph, Agility=3
Comm: Radio=System*3 Laser=System*3 Maser=System*3
Sensors: EMS Active(FarOrbit)*3, EMS Jammer (FarOrbit)*3, EMS Passive(Interstellar)*3, Neutrino Sensor (10kw)*3, High Pen Densitometer (1km)*3, ActObjScan=Rout, ActObjPin=Rout, PassObjScan=Rout, PassObjPin=Rout, PassEnScan=Simp, PassEnPin=Rout
               Missile=x03     BeamLaser=xx5
          Batteries      1                 2
          Bearing        1                 2
Control: Computer Mod7fib*3, 1*LargeHoloDisplay, 3*HeadsUpHoloDisplay, 120*HoloLink
Accom: Crew=29 (3 bridge, 5 engineer, 3 gunners, 12 flight, 4 command, 2 medical), Passengers=11, Staterooms=20, Env=basic env, basic ls, extended ls, grav plates, inertial comp
Other: Fuel=11988kl (1 jump-3+30 days), Cargo=170.5, Fuel Scoops, Fuel Purifier (48hr), SubCraft=1*95t shuttle, 1*40t pinnace, 2*20t launch, ObjSize=Large, EmLevel=Moderate

Author: R.S.Dean